Note: You must have Half Life 2: Episode 2 installed and mounted.


Hello one and all!

What we have here, is a small project I like to call Gm_Apartment. Remember those by-gone days of survival horror games, with their charming puzzles and characters that controlled like m1 Abrams tanks? Yeah me too! It sucks that there are literally none around these days, some of my best memories were from playing the Silent Hill games at 1 o'clock in the morning back when I was 12. Ahhh, childhood scarring. But I digress.

Gm_Apartment is a small single player map that re-creates the gameplay of those old Survival Horror titles. Explore an old deserted apartment building and discover what stories the previous residents left behind! Pick up items! Use them! Solve puzzles! The fun will literally never end!

xoxoxo - Mr. Sunabouzu

gm_apartment is a modification for Garry's Mod built upon the Valve Source™ engine.


Who are these fine men who worked on this project?

Thanks to all the playtesters and the lovely people from Gangsta Gang Gaming for various grunt work!

Special thanks to beautiful people Sam and MacDGuy who decided to fix some stuff!


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