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Based in Redmond, Washington

Release date:
April 8th 2016 (Steam Early-Access)

PC / Mac / Linux


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PLAY, CREATE, PARTY! Tower Unite is a community-based virtual world party game with online games, entertainment, activities, and no microtransactions. Tower Unite is a living, evolving world, fueled by the community. Play online games with your friends or make new friends from around the world! Tower Unite isn't just a single game, it contains large multiplayer games that you can enjoy with lots of players, each with its own gameplay and genre. Every bit of Tower Unite is full of online multiplayer fun. Here's how it works: you play games, you earn Units (the in-game currency) and then you can use Units to buy new items to customize yourself and your virtual condo. This isn't just a social game. This is a game about playing games.


GMod Tower

GMod Tower was easily our most successful and beloved mod to date. It's was a virtual world game that allows players from all over to connect and play various mini-games online. It attacted over 250,000 players and was home to a very friendly and large community. We were super passionate about GMod Tower and constantly added new features to it for over five years.

Spritual Successor

We decided that GMod Tower should no longer be stuck in the confines of a mod. That's why we created Tower Unite. Tower Unite builds off of the core ideas that made GMod Tower so successful.

Our Standards

We feel that virtual worlds games are wonderful, but content is usually locked expensive behind paywalls. GMod Tower was a free mod and we're keeping the idea of freedom by excluding microtransactions from our game Tower Unite.

Our Passion

Tower Unite is more than a game-- it’s a social network. Meeting new people across the globe is a phenomenon that we love to contribute to.


  • Play multiplayer games of various genres online with friends.
  • Customize yourself with accessories.
  • Furnish and design the layout of your personal space (the Condo) with furniture and interactive toys.
  • Invite other players over to your Condo for parties and mini-games.
  • Watch synchronized YouTube™ videos in a virtual theater or your Condo.
  • Fly around in jetpacks.
  • Imbibe alcohol to an irresponsible extent.
  • Join official servers or host your own server.
  • Hang out with your friends or find new friends!
  • Steam Workshop support in a future update, allowing players to add their own custom items to the game.
  • Experience it in VR! We'll be working towards Oculus Rift and Vive support.
  • Enjoy free DLC, no microtransactions, and developer support.
  • Collect tons of unique items with Steam Inventory support.


Trailer YouTube

Minigolf Trailer YouTube

Little Crusaders Trailer YouTube

Plaza Introduction YouTube

Condo Introduction YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (33MB)

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Unreal Grant" https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/epic-games-awards-80k-in-unreal-dev-grants, 30 June, 2016

Indiegogo Campaign
Our project was funded by our loving community. indiegogo.com.

About PixelTail Games

PixelTail Games LLC is a small independent video game company based in Redmond, WA. We love making games of all genres and creating social-based experiences. We are the makers of Tower Unite, GMod Tower, and Elevator: Source.

More information
More information on PixelTail Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Tower Unite Credits

Macklin Guy
Founder, Lead Designer/Gameplay Programmer, UI Designer

Dominic Cobley
Lead Artist, Level Designer

Johanna Kist
Lead Artist, Level Designer

William Smith
Music Composer, Sound Designer

Chase Tarson
Programmer, Systems Administrator, Community Manager

Mike Mostard
Artist, Level Designer, Programmer

James Way
Artist, Animator

Joshua Watson

Christopher Spindel

Robert Hull

Alex Schabbing

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