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Tower Unite

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PixelTail Games LLC is a small independent video game company based in Redmond, WA. We love making games of all genres and creating social-based experiences. We are the makers of Tower Unite, GMod Tower, and Elevator: Source.


How it started

Back in 2009, PixelTail Games was formed by the creation of the GMod Tower, a very popular Source-based mod. As development continued, the company started to gather more and more passionate developers from all over the globe.

And just like that...

We realized quickly that we loved creating independent games. Over the years, we've passionately worked on free modifications for the Source engine. Specializing in online multiplayer games, we enable players from around the world to connect with friends, have fun, and enjoy media.

What Drives Us

When we set out to make a game, we first make solid gameplay with fun and engaging elements. Then we take advantage of every opportunity to push the envelope to make the game more immersive and entertaining. We're always looking into new technologies and ways to make our game more impressive and remarkable everyday. We want our players to walk away with an experience they can share with their friends. We strive to connect with our audience in every creation we make through intuitive design and fun gameplay.

Tower Unite

Tower Unite is our debut title and spiritual successor to GMod Tower. It's an all-in-one community-based social game with online multiplayer games, entertainment, and activities.

GMod Tower

GMod Tower is easily our most successful and beloved mod to date. It's a virtual world game that allows players from all over to connect and play various mini-games online. It has attracted over 250,000 players and is home to a very friendly and large community. We're super passionate about Tower and we have been constantly adding new features to it for over five years.

Elevator: Source

Our co-operative elevator experience that we created mainly as a joke, but gained a large following and press coverage due to it’s exploitation of the common elevator video game trope.


A virtual movie theater where people can watch synchronized YouTube streams with other online players, adding a layer of social interaction to online streaming.



Tower Unite YouTube

Tower Unite: Lobby 3 YouTube

Tower Unite: Fishing YouTube

Tower Unite: Minigolf Trailer YouTube

Tower Unite: Plaza Introduction YouTube

Tower Unite: Condo Introduction YouTube

GMod Tower: Lobby 2 YouTube

GMod Tower YouTube

Elevator: Source YouTube


There are far more images available for PixelTail Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

    Indiegogo Campaign
    Our project was funded by our loving community. indiegogo.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Macklin Guy
    Founder, Lead Designer/Gameplay Programmer, UI Designer

    Dominic Cobley
    Lead Artist, Level Designer

    Johanna Kist
    Lead Artist, Level Designer

    William Smith
    Music Composer, Sound Designer

    Chase Tarson
    Programmer, Systems Administrator, Community Manager

    Mike Mostard
    Artist, Level Designer, Programmer

    James Way
    Artist, Animator

    Joshua Watson

    Christopher Spindel

    Robert Hull

    Alex Schabbing

    Madeline T

    Community Manager

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