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Tower Unite

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PixelTail Games LLC is a small independent video game company based in Redmond, WA. We are the creators of Tower Unite, GMod Tower, and Elevator: Source.


How it started

Before PixelTail Games was founded, the original team created GMod Tower, a mod for the Source engine game Garry’s Mod. From 2009 to 2015, after positive community reception and progress in development on GMod Tower, the team blossomed with talent from around the globe and developed into the PixelTail Games of today. The company was founded in 2015, and, with the aid of generous funding from our community, began Tower Unite, an ambitious project which has been in development and available on Early Access on Steam since then.

What Drives Us

Our goals for game development are simple but fueled by passion. We strive to create games that enable social experiences and encompass a wide variety of genres. Whether they be trivia competitions, top-down shooters, ball-dropper arcade games, typing competitions, or virtual mini-golf, we want to create games that offer access to all sorts of fun.

We also pride ourselves on transparent communication with our community. That is why we share our development process through blogs and social media. Our work is greatly aided by interactions with our community and the extensive feedback we receive.

Tower Unite (2015 - now)

Our debut title and largest project to date, Tower Unite is an MMO party game with a central Plaza and Tower that afford access to various game worlds, mini-games, and fun locations. Along with the games found in the Plaza and Game Worlds, Tower Unite has the Condo system: a feature that allows players to create and customize their own living space with items and prizes they earn from playing games. Thus, even when the games are over, the fun can continue in a different way.

Tower Unite is currently in active development.

For more on Tower Unite, check the link in the Projects section below.

GMod Tower (2006)

A mod for the sandbox game Garry’s Mod, GMod Tower featured a virtual world with access to different games, activities, and personalization options. The mod had a thriving community that boasted over 250,000 players, and it eventually evolved into Tower Unite.

Elevator: Source (2012)

A tongue-in-cheek, co-operative elevator simulator which gained a large following and press coverage due to its exploitation of the common “elevator video game” trope.

Cinema (2013)

A virtual movie theater where people could synchronize video streams with other online players, adding a layer of social interaction to online streaming.



Tower Unite: Trailer YouTube

Tower Unite: Arcade YouTube

Tower Unite: Lobby 3 YouTube

Tower Unite: Fishing YouTube

Tower Unite: Minigolf Trailer YouTube

Tower Unite: Plaza Introduction YouTube

Tower Unite: Condo Introduction YouTube

GMod Tower: Lobby 2 YouTube

GMod Tower YouTube

Elevator: Source YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Indiegogo Campaign
    Our project was funded by our loving community. indiegogo.com.

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